Thursday, May 27, 2021

Outdoor play

The Peuton children love to play outside where they use their body to do all kind of "sport" such as run, jump, slide etc...

They love to play with bubbles and enjoys games like duck duck goose, animal actions, and the floor is lava.  They learn and explore the environment around them while finding bugs, looking at flowers, trees and mushrooms.    

The Peuton building a tent 

Blowing some bubbles

Drawing with  chalk on piece of  log 

Fixing the tent with tape from the inside 

Taking a water break. 

Drawing the number four 

Working as a team 

                                                                     Cleaning time

Painting on a large canvas

Having fun with shaving cream

                                                      Having a picnic at "hatif" snack time

Water play

PHG3.1: Demonstrate development of fine and gross motor coordination
CA3.1: Demonstrate creative expression through the visual art process
SE3.1: Demonstrate conflict resolution
M5.1: Understand concept of time
APL 1.1: Demonstrate initiative and self-direction